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I hope this has not been asked before (I’ve looked over the five pages of i20 posts) but I have a dilemma regarding the transport of two mountain bikes using my i20. Hyundai appear to offer two solutions, namely roof bar carriers and a towbar carrier. Two roof bar carriers plus the roof bars themselves add up to about £300 and the towbar plus wiring plus bike carrier totals about £350. I was hoping for a much cheaper solution. I certainly don’t want to lift the bikes to roof height and I have no requirement to tow anything! I’m guessing that, as Hyundai don’t offer a carrier which attaches to the tailgate, they don’t approve of them being used? I have reservations about loading the rear door/bumper this way and, besides, I’ve found that my ‘Sparkle Blue’ paintwork is very easily scratched.

So, does anyone carry bikes on their i20 and if so, how?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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