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Dear street,

Since you had a clutch slave cylinder failure, go check the clutch master cylinder reservoir fluid level and color. The fluid should be clear as water. It turns black over time from absorbing water out of the air and fine particles worn from the piston seals. You want your fluid clear because the black particles act like grit in the hydraulic system and will cause early seal failure over time, and the absorbed water causes rust in the cylinder bores also causing early seal failure.

If your fluid is black, you can do a fluid exchange yourself. Buy a pint of new clutch fluid. Have a friend ready to pump the clutch pedal inside the car with slow even strokes. attach a short piece of vaccum hose 1/4 inch diameter to the clutch slave cylinder bleeder. put the other end of the hose in an empty 1 liter or 2 liter plastic coke bottle (or suitable waste container). open the bleeder with a 10mm wrench. Have your friend start pumping the clutch pedal. As the level drops, keep adding fresh fluid. Keep pumping until the fluid flowing into the coke bottle is clear. Close the bleeder. Top off the clutch master cylinder reservoir to the full mark.

Since you already had problems with the clutch, what color is the fluid in the brake fluid reservoir? If it is black , it will need changed also.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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