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Hi all.

I have a one year old diesel i30 SLX CRDi which hasn't given me any problems (apart from a windscreen which cracked minutes after being hit by a stone) up until yesterday. I was driving home after dark on a country road at 100km using the cruise control, when it started losing power. I pushed the accelerator and heard an almightly "thunk" and immediately pulled up at the side of the road. Not much fun for a woman to be stuck on a country road in the dark.

Finally had it towed to the nearest dealership and and they've confirmed what the RACQ guy thought, the transmission (gear box) has "gone". The reverse seems to be the problem. Why this would happen while I'm travelling forwards at 100kph puzzles me greatly.

The dealership tell me they've never seen the like and a search of the net brings up problems with other Hyundai transmissions but nothing specific about the i30.

Can anyone shed any light for me here? Anyone else having problems. I have a friend who owns the same car bought at the same time, done about the same kms (35,000 in a year) but she's not having any problems (yet).

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