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When I am driving my 2006 Santa Fe in Auto and low gear (First Gear) and I am driving at slow similar speeds (10-20 kmh), the car will sort of jump or jolt into Second Gear. This is the only gear it seems to happen in. Also if I accelerate through the gears and then have to slow down, it seems to jump into the next higher gear which feels like 1st Gear to Second Gear again.

I do not know if this sounds like a mechanical issue or a sensor issue of some sort. I am located in Riyadh and the last time I took my car to the local dealer to sort out an ABS light problem, they swapped out a recall item (and charged me for it!!) then provided a whole new ABS units and charged me for that as well!!!

I am trying some damage limitation steps in trying to identify what this could be...................I have no dash warning lights or any other fault indication.

Thanks in advance...
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