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Yesterday, I noticed that the car needed more gas to move, as if the parking braking was slighty applied. Once the car was in movement, it ran fine. I then went home and had trouble to get the car climb a small 25-30 degree ramp in to my driveway (which the car climbs in and out everyday without an issue). I had to accelerate the engine more than normal for the car to advance.

This morning I felt a slight jerk when shifting from P to D or R. I drove to work and I just noticed that it took extra effort to accelerate form a red light. On the way I noticed something strange, the gear indicator lights on the dash was not working. I also had the check engine light on. What could it be? I have not check the Trans fluid yet, but it seems strange that the dash gear indicator light would not turn on...

I have had my 04 SF for 3 trouble free years now and I am a bit worried about this situation.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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