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I need to do some oil changes on my Terracan, 2005, 2.9 CRDI Auto.

The back diff shudders, and also the front...will replace oil on both diffs, and also transfercase, and while i am at it, i will get the automatic transmission also.

Could someone please give me some info on how to do it? I have done oil change on a Audi A6 2.5tdi transmisson, but then i had some instructions...
I have looked and looked, but i cant find any books, or manuals on the hyundai that has instructions and/or pictures/photos...

1: Transmission:
Does this usually require a flush? Or will it drain most of its fluid? Where is the filler cap located? If a flush is not possible, can i do two changes with a couple of days between and almost gain a "complete" oil change?

2: Transfer case
Where is filler and drain cap? Is it just to fill it until it almost or just comes back out of the filler hole?

3: Diffs
This is probably as we did it in the old days? Drain and fill until it comes out of the filler cap hole?

Thank you

Greetings from Norway
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