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Well... actually not mine, but my partner's...
It's a i30, 2012 vintage, the FD body style.
I have been assigned all the maintenance work on it. It gets ridden hard, put away wet, and just a general level of mechanical neglect that only a female could give to a car of this price bracket >:D

Part 1- Basic service

Kicked off a lazy saturday with a basic service of the whip- Oil change, oil filter, diesel filter, air filter. Total work time approx 45min (having never done this work before!)

Started with an oil flush additive by liqui-moly. Good stuff, been using it for years. Let car idle for 10min while jacking it up and fitting jack stands.

Dropped the engine tray (8x M10 bolts), then removed the sump plug, M17 iirc.
Drained all that oily oil while I started on the filters:
Removed air box lid
Removed M10 bolts / philips heads for the turbo intake pipe.
Whipped out the old air filter
Undid some hoses that were in the way (PCV hose I think) and all electrical connectors on the air box and diesel filter.
Undid the 2x diesel quick connect fuel couplers
I dicked about with the fuel filter bracket for a few moments before realising that it should all wang-jangle out by removing the 2 m12 bolts on top of the fuel filter pump/prime housing. Once these were off with a 1/4" socket driver, all was good in the world.
Refitted the new diesel filter (old fuel was OK- only minimal dirt particles to be found) Fitted a RYCO Z707 unit.
Reinstalled most of the above, and then fitted the air filter- a RYCO A1561 filter.
Turned my attention to the front of the engine bay- the oil filter. Whipped out the oft neglected 27mm socket, and went to town on the oil filter housing. For a part that should be torqued to 36Nm, the technician who touched it before me sure was a ham-fisted numpty. It was on a 'bit' tighter than that! Oil filter (another RYCO product- p/n 2695P) was fitted with the supplied new O-Ring for the housing and housing centre feed tube.

New copper sump plug washer was installed, with with plug installed to the specified torque (which is turn it til it starts to strip the aluminium sump housing, then back half a turn).

Topped it up with a gutfull of Castrol Magnetec 10W-40 (approx 5.3L according to manual).

I took a leap of faith and reinstalled everything, and lowered the car to the ground.
Kicked it over and nothing exploded, so a job well done.

Next steps / issues on the job card-
Open to input, or a source for a wiring diagram for this beast of a car-
1) LHS front window is inoperable. Pilot reports there was a 'crunching noise' and the window failed to chooch thereafter. I've averted future disaster with a strategically placed strip of gaffer tape over the offending window switch to prevent further operator error. I'm guessing the regulator has kicked the bucket and/or dropped the glass out of the holding track?
2) Door locks- RHS rear door is not locking as expected via the key fob. Can be manipulated in-car, but is a bit of a security risk. Any known issues here? I could chase the wiring diagram, or someone could throw me a bone. The whole central locking system (and auto lock while moving 'feature') clocks at random intervals while driving. So guessing something has chafed thru and is earthing out.
3) Would love to tune it up a bit for a bit of extra boost /fuel and/or smoke! Just to mess with the pilot a bit. Is there any aftermarket tuning chips or tweaks that are commonly done? This car always surprised me when you get up it, it never fails to surprise for a 'little' car. It also does some sick single peggers.

Until next time,
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