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No towing with an Accent.

"Your Hyundai should not be used to tow
a trailer. It is designed to be compact and
light for good fuel economy, and is not
designed as a trailer-towing vehicle.
Damages or malfunctions caused by towing
may not be covered by the limited
warranties applying to your Hyundai.
Damages or malfunctions that result from
towing a trailer for commercial purposes
are specifically not covered by Hyundai
limited warranties."

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AH, I say go for it. I have a hitch on my 3 door. I have a small trailer I pull all the time.
I've pulled a 350 engine and tranny in the trailer(about 1000lbs) and the car didn't complain much about it.

I'm heading out in the next couple of days to eye up a boiler camping trailer(about 850lbs)

Yes, the manual says the car is not designed for pulling, but I've had no issues, but be smart with your pulls.
Your not in a drag race, and with the extra weight, you have to compensate with your distance behind other
vehicals... gear down, and drive wisely...

The hitch I got was from uhaul, the "HITCH" is rated for 200lb tougne weight, and 2000lb pulling.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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