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The air intake is for a 2000< Accent. This particular intake came off my 2002 Accent GS, 1.5L. It is a short ram air intake with a Ractive filter mated to aluminum piping and flexible joints. Looks absolutely fantastic. I took it off because I'm not into that sort of thing and the previous owner was. Worked perfect with the MAF sensor. All around great buy and the price is right as well.

MOMO shift knob. It is the ball style without anything extra. Carbon fiber-look. It is beautiful because it is plain and very easy to hold. Just a couple of nicks on the top, otherwise looks brand new. Fantastic knob.

Or everything for $70.

If you have any questions please, please, please, call me instead of leaving a PM. I am always available, or I will return your message within the hour. 416-953-6963

Email is also great : [email protected]

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