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So a couple months ago it started with the gear shifter getting stuck in park. Had to jiggle it a few times then it released. This happened off & on for a few times until a couple days ago when i was at a gas station to get gas and i couldnt open the fuel door by pushing the button on the inside driver door. Then went to try somethings inside to see why it wouldnt open when i discovered the ESC light was lit on the dash and i couldnt get the gear shifter to move even after i jiggled it several times. I also noticed my hazards didnt work, also my brake lights & cruise control. Thought it was the brake light safety switch and replaced it but its still happening!
What on earth else could it be? What else could i try?
If itake it to dealership for diag it will cost me $150. I dont really have that right now.
Any suggestions?
Thanks i. Advance
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