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My 2005 Santa Fe GLS original tires finally need replacement (just over 62k on them). Size is 225/70R16. What are some good tires? I live in NYS so snow traction is definitely a big part of my decision (plus it's very, very hilly here too).

The original BF Goodrich Long Trail T/A were good with mileage and traction, but were noisy and rough riding. Any tires out there that combine their mileage and traction but with better ride quality?

The Goodyear store where I get my oil changed gave me prices on Dunlop Rover AT and Dunlop Signature CS, but I'm not sure how good they are. Also got some prices from another store for Kelly Safari Trex and Kelly Trailmark Max, but again I'm not sure how good they are. Are any of these good? Or is there something else to look at?

I drive my 2 kids around a lot, so I want something good. Thanks.

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