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Tire Recommenations For My 2004

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I have gone through 2 sets of tires so far on my 04, and they always seem to get quite noisy half way through their lives.
I don’t do any off road stuff even though my 04 is AWD.
I was thinking about trying a set of more comfortable touring type tires this time. With mine being 16” wheels even having a bit wider tire would be great.

As an example, I replaced the standard 195’s on my 02 Elantra with a set of Goodrich Traction TA’s in a 205 55r 50, and that car tears through anything and the ride is great.

Any suggestions for the best application?
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I use the factory brand tires that came with the truck and I make sure I rotate them every 7500 miles. Rotating them will keep them from getting noisy. My factory set lasted me 65,000 miles just because I rotated them as I should. There are tires out there that are quieter but I have no experience with experimenting with tire brands on this truck.
I've used BFGoodrich Touring T/A on another car and I'm dismayed that they no longer make them. They were great with wet and dry traction, rode very smoothly, and were very quiet. My Santa is also AWD and I don't take it into rough stuff (it's my wheels - why bash it??), but it's very stable on the highway in bad weather.

I've checked on and found something similar: BFGoodrich Advantage T/A, which are highly rated by users and look similar to the ones I liked so much. Check them out:
Thanks Hornet, I've always ha good luck with Goodrich.
I want to put more tread on the pavement, so I want a wider tire.
Keeping the profile the same or a bit larger, any advice there?
My Santa Fe's tires are OEM BFGoodrich Long Trail T/A and are sized 225/70-16. The next wider tire is 235/60-16, which is the size on the wife's Tucson (which will need tires soon). Check out BFGoodrich Advantage T/A and Michelin Primacy MXV4 at Tire Rack.

The Advantage T/A are similar to the Touring T/A, which I had on my Sportage that got wrecked two years ago. Those tires were great for wet/dry/cornering traction, rode very well, and were so quiet that I could shift into neutral at 70 MPH and the wind noise was greater than the tire noise.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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