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It's up to you. Some people insist on it when they do the timing belt, but I think mechanics like to pad the bill with it. I never change a water pump unless it's leaking or making noise. I've found that water pumps will last the life of the car if you change the antifreeze often. The water pump relies on the lubricants from the antifreeze and the lubricants wear out.

Pulleys I'll only change if they are leaking grease or making noise.

W/O knowing what engine you have, I'll assume you have one of those timing belt tensioner that like to fail. I'd probably consider changing that.

As far as the seals (crank, cam) again I only change them if they leak. That's all about changing the oil on time.

You can get a timing belt done at Joe's garage for under $300, or you can get the full treatment for under $1000. You make the call.
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