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It seems my right outer tie rod end is slightly loose.
I want to try to change it my self as it doesnt seem to difficult.
Are these steps correct?

1. Remove wheel
2. loosen jam nut on tie rod (Does anyone know the size of this nut?)
3. mark location of jam nut on tie rod
4. Take off nut attaching tie rod end to knuckle (and probably move brake caliper to get access to the nut) (Does anyone know the size of this nut? Is there a cotter pin on this? if so, will I need a new cotter pin?
5. use special tool or use hammer and tap knuckle until tie rod end comes loose
6. remove tie rod end counting turns
7. install new one with same number of turns
8. attach to knuckle
9. tighten jam nut

1. Have I missed anything?
2. If anyone knows the sizes of the two nuts, that would be helpful. Also the torque values, I am having trouble finding them in the service manual.
3. In youtube videos it seems like people just tap on the knucle a few times and the tie rod just pops out. I have rust over everything, so I'm hoping it actually comes out.
4. Do I need to add grease anywhere?
5. Is the end of the tie-rod end a ball joint? Is this usually pre-greased and sealed? Does the part that connects to the knuckle actually move?

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