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Hi All,
thanks for letting me join. New to forum as well as hynudai.
just picked up my hyundai santa fe 2006, automaatic, diesel.
few problem noticed.
1. Thumping and whistling noise from possibly right rear wheel. Its like flat tyre noise but at regular interval. Like thump - thump - thump and so on some time at certain speed like between 40-50 and then goes away and then come back again. Also whistling type noise as well. Was not there when i test drove but after a day or so and now every time i drive. Any ideas. Tyre pressure is good although pressure was very low when I picked up and test drove and may be started after i corrected the pressure.
2. Roof mounted dvd does not power on with power button. No remote.
3. Rear door lock does not work with central locking and if left in open position then clicking noise about 3 tiems at 14 mph when car tries to autolock.
4. Front seat electric adjust forward and back does not work but recline works fine.
thanks for help in advance
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