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As a broadcaster.. let me explain...

MOST of the channels on XM and Sirius are highly compressed... it's all about bandwidth and sat costs. You will notice that some channels on XM sound better than others (pulse & 20 on 20) These are more popular, have a higher listenership. The classic rock stations, blues etc pay the price.

As far as iPods.. well... they depend on what you put on them.. if they are stripped down mp3's, they will sound like crap.. if you put music on from a CD (44:1 Broadcastt quality) then it will sound like FM or your own stereo. Same with burned CD's If you burn from wav or flac files then you have really good sound.. then there is your own ears.

Hyundai can't trouble shoot, XM and Sirius are too cheap for the rates we pay and if any other system sounds better than the infinity???... well.. that's just processing from the unit. I find in the Santa Fe system that you hear what it's really like.. adjust your bass, mid and treble ranges... it's all you can do
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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