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You know, that foggy yellow tinge that headlights take on over the years? Through equal parts boredom and beer of an afternoon, I was able to fix them much to my own surprise with things I had on hand...and by hand! The tools/supplies used were a spray bottle full of water, micro fiber towels, degreaser/cleaner for the initial clean followed by a scouring with rubbing compound followed by polishing compound and those lenses came up just like new! A few simple ingredients with just the right amount of elbow grease and...

No, I did not take pics as it was a "hey, what if?" moment and I just went to it to get it done but the result looks like new headlights. I may repeat the process tomorrow with the cordless support team and then coat them in "Nu Finish" sealer polish.

If your car has yellow eyes this could be for you!
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