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Long story short.
On winter the car's engine has tendency to drop temp below +80 deg C. Especially when coasting and heater is on. If I wait in traffic for more than 2 minutes with blower on 2 I see temp going down to 77, 75C
It is manual. I read temp from ScanGauge.

So, once the temp is below +80C the ECU adds more fuel and increases RPM what in turn drastically alters fuel economy...

Hence, I thought a thermostat the opens at 85C would solve it. Starts opening at 85 and fully open at 92 or so... OEM is like that: starts opening at 82, BUT starts closing at 78.

Unless I can tell ECU to keep normal condition at 78C.

Anyone has some input?

And no, the thermostat is not stuck open as I tested it several times. Say, I drove it until reached 75 C. Stopped, opened the hood and checked hoses. All cold, slightly warm upper, but normal. Wait till 82, 83 and then I could feel warmth spreading from upper hose to the radiator. Everything seems to be fine.
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