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As I've previously posted, theCEO's '10 Tuck Limited, holds 4 sets of golf clubs and four people; wouldn't want to drive all day like that, but it holds them. We just did our annual seasonal migration to our Naples,FL Winter Shack, and the Tuck was loaded to the gunwales. It rode a bit "mushy" and tippy, with the heavy load, and mpg was only ~25 for the nearly 800 mile jaunt, most of those miles done, "at speed". But, it did well...the Vette was loaded, too, and remains the "economy car" in our stable, lol!. Gauge pics of Vette are at near end of trip...I was driving the VetteVert, while the CEO was driving her Tuck.
Some pics to show what the Tuck contained; some serious cubic feet of stuff, and weight.
Thanks for looking!
GL, mD


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