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A warm greet to all our community members!
Most of us like to shod our cars with Xtra large Rims but dunno which one is the rigth one!!! Well that was the same case with me a few weeks ago until I came across this kool Austrian site by the name It has got a good variety of accessories for the Getz and i believe you guys will love it too.But the most interesting thing i came across was the alloy wheels and guess what Fibrokid? Finally I GOT IT!!! Yeah! it was a journey,through various puzzling sites with manifestations and contradictions......
Anyways,the best possible wheel size for the Getz</span></span></span> is
Rim Size:ET35/4L/4x100 Tyre Size:195/50 R15x7 and the other one is.....
Rim Size:ET40/4L/4x100 Tyre Size:195/45 R16x7
There are a variety of alloy wheels available in the market but make sure you stick with the specifications slated above...
And yeah! Keep posted :wub:
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