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Hi All,
Well it was time to trade my wife's truck (Ranger) and get back into a car. So bold as brass she went out on her own and made the deal on a '04 Accent 5-speed w/ comfort pkg.
Right now times are tough money wise but we needed a better transport than the gas guzzler Ford.
The dealer worked hard on this deal, cause with not the best credit, he had to go the extra mile and he came through and saved us money.
A brand new car, trade the '99 truck and still the payment on a buy, not a lease, is going to be $154.00 less. :)
Picking up the new addition this comming Wed. I hope it's a good car and last a loooong time.
See you in the forums,
John & Annette

P.S. Pretty good quote on insurance also.
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