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This is my experience with four dealers in my area:
One of the four dealers I'm working with, trying to buy my LTD w/nav in specific color told me something previously mentioned on THIS forum: said they are the largest dealer in my area and therefore they have much better access to specific models/colors. He said allotment by Hyundai is done according to which one sold the most cars in the previous year. The high selling dealers get the first picks, he said.

Anyone know if this is true?

Apparently there just isn't a red LTD w/nav available anywhere in the country right now, but as soon as there are, he says his dealership is in the best position to get one for me.
If any dealers are reading this post, please tell me if this is true.



Someone is blowing smoke to you. TEXAS dealers have 100s new Sonatas on their lots.

I purchased mine form Texoma Hyundai in Sherman TEXAS from Red Robinson and they had several red Limiteds.

Contact Red Robinson a Marine and he will deal straight with you.

Red's number: 903 892 0999 903 892 0770


Someone is blowin smoke to you.

Dealers in TEXAS have
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