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I am in the market for an IONIQ 5 Limited. I have been trying to buy one since December of last year. We will be going from a Buick and Tesla Model Y Long Range FSD to an Ioniq 5 Limited. We are doing this as we, both in our 70's, do not drive that much and want to see if we can get by with one car and since one of us will not drive the Tesla (not comfortable with the large central display and the need to do most things from the display, thus taking eyes off the road for a split second), but will drive the Ioniq 5 with it's much better driver instrumentation. So, for our needs, it appears the Ioniq 5 is a better car.

My comment for three-plus years has been that the traditional car makers, including Hyundai, have continued the terrible experience of having to buy through a dealer. It was so easy to buy the Tesla (I have bought two) even when they were in short supply and you had to wait.

I am so tired of searching for a dealer who seems to, on their website, have the car I want, only to find that it really is not available. Then when you find one that is available you cannot get an 'out-the-door cash price' over the phone or through email. You must endure the ridiculous process of having to go to a dealer and negotiate the add-ons that are done to pad the dealer markup.

Tesla has many shortcomings. But, the buying experience is far superior. I really doubt that the transition to Electric Vehicles will be as complete as it is currently projected, in part, because traditional automakers will fight it (all the while they claim to be EV-friendly). But, to the extent Tesla starts to bring out more models for the broad marketplace, the traditional better improve their buying experience.
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