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Car info: Terracan 2004 - 2.9 CRDi
I have a big problem, which i guess must be electrical. This are the things that happend and led to the car not firing anymore...

1. We attached a trailer. From the moment the lights were turned on one of the rear lights blew.
2. We attached another trailer which was testen on another car and was working fine. Same thing happend but this time on the other side.
3. We tested all the connections at the back and they were ok, we checked the voltage and this was ok.
4. We attached a light to each circuit. When we tried the right light, the rear left light of the car dimmed.
As soon as we dissconnected the light, the rear left light flashed on again. During the test, the fuse was blow.
5. To make sure we were not making any short cuircuits we put a amp meter in the ciruit of our light. We got 1.6 Amps on each connection. So no short circuit.
6. We pulled out the relay (E118) to check if the relay wasn't doing something it shouldn't be dooing.
8. We tried to start the car (to get some juice in the battery after all the testing) but the car would turn over but not fire.
9. We put the relay back in and tried to start the car, nothing.
10. We checked the fuses in the left side fuse box, right side fuse box, passenger fuse box. All OK
11. We did notice that the lights (high beams or others) would not work anymore. From the moment we pulled the relay (E118) It seems as everything electrical outside the passenger compartment doesn't get any electricity anymore. It seems as the fuel pump is not turning, and the car doesn't get any fuel.
The passenger compartment does get electricty. And we can hear the blower when we turn over the key before start.
Also when we pull out the 'relay' relay on the left fuse box we can hear the relay's 'click' and when we put it back it, they 'click' once again.
We have also dissconnected the car battery for over an hour.
Also, i have never noticed it before, but the preheating (glow plug) light on the dashboard is not lighting up! ever since point 7.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? Are the engine circuits related to the light circuits. Is it normal that we don't have any lights anymore?

Thanks!!! Hope someone can awnser me in the next few houres...
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