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I am very happy with my Terracan (2.9, 2004), but I know its time to trade it in and get the new stuff. But I do not like the Veracruz or the Santa Fe. Neither is a true off roader, no matter huw much bells and whistles the come with.

The KIA Mohave, even though I know it comes out (probably) the same assembly lines as any other Hyundai vehicle, is a nice option with true SUV build and nice features. The point here is that the Hyundai dealership here is trusty, reliable and I've been happy with them since long years, but the Kia dealer is a no no...

If Hyundai/KIA come out with a Hyundai badged Mohave, I will be the first one to grab it.

Anyone here knows from reliable sources (gossip, crystal balls, tarot cards, tea leaves, etc) if such thing is going to happen?

Robert B.
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