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Hyundai Terracan 2.9 4WD 2002
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For some weeks now I have been having problems with my Terracan.
To start the engine I have to unscrew the bolt of an injector, run the engine, screw the bolt and the car starts. The more time that passes since the engine is turned off, the more time it has to turn to start. If half an hour passes, the engine will no longer start without repeating the bleeding.
I have done numerous tests and replaced something in the past few weeks. I list them below.
Replaced parts:
1) Replaced the manual priming pump.
Tests and checks carried out:
1) Check the cleanliness of the tank and its filter. Everything was clean.
2) Visual inspection of the pipes coming from the tank. No obvious loss found
3) Check the air vent of the tank. The vent works and the relative filter is clean
4) I created an artificial fuel tank with a plastic tank and connected the hose directly to the high pressure pump. The engine runs perfectly and starts even days later.

Test number 4. allows me to exclude problems with the pump and / or problems with the high pressure system.
What I don't understand is what the problem with the low pressure system could be.
There is one thing that makes me suspicious. The diesel filter has three connectors, one receives diesel from the tank, one sends diesel to the pump and one returns excess diesel to the tank. I read that inside the filter, at the diesel return connector there should be a valve that closes, preventing the pumped diesel from returning to the tank. In fact, when I use the manual priming pump it never becomes as hard as it should be because the diesel fuel returns to the tank from the return tube of the filter. Could the filter be defective? or is the problem elsewhere?
I openly accept any help.
Thanks in advance
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