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Hello All

I have a Sonta Fe 2007 Turbo Diesel SLX and it has never given me any trouble until now. the last couple of months I have had trouble with the vehicle warming up, it starts straight away, but if I try to drive it will not move, I have to wait and let it warm up a bit more, then it may go. This issue happens at any time during driving especially going up hill, it will not move. I have ad the EGR valve cleaned and had had a complete computer check at Hyundai dealer done on the vehicle which showed nothing wrong. I never know when this is going to happen, which is quite dangerous, I have just got home from being down south and went to drive up a hill, the vehicle just would not go and it had been running. I had to try and pull over and then wait for traffic to clear and reverse into a driveway to be able to drive down the hill as the vehicle would let me do that.

The Hyundai dealer told me that the turbo has some lag. After having all the above done I am think that the Turbo has issues? Driving home today from the south coast it would do the no go issues whenever, the revs would go up but the vehicle hardly moved, then when the revs reached around 3000 we would get a big kick from the turbo and take off.

My next move is to go to a Turbo specialist as my husband thinks it may be an issue with the Turbo? Any ideas, any one.
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