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Hi folks, new member here from the UK.
I'm after a little help and I'll tell you my story:)

I have a 2013 Santa Fe and about 3 years ago my boot switch stopped working. It was out of warranty so I decided to investigate myself.
I removed the switch and noticed that the red cable has become warn and parted so I decided to re dress it and use a butt connector and spliced it together and this worked fine.

About a couple of weeks ago it started playing up again so I had another look and it hadn't changed so again I decided to put a new connector on. This is where it all started going wrong :).
It didnt work straight away when I connected it so I started rubbing the two ends of the red wire together and it burst into life !! I connected and it worked for a couple of days then the same happened and I did the same thing.
It has totally failed now and so have the number plate lights?

I have chased the cable back and checked the connector and it all seems ok. Cant see any other damage.

I out my multi meter on the red cable today and it didnt read anything? Is this normal or should the switch have a constant 12v feed?
I was hoping it was just a blown fuse that fed the tailgate switch and the number plate lights but I cant find any info.
I cant drive my car at night now without the number plate lights and climbing into the boot to open it is a pain.

Can anyone help please!



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Welcome to the forum. I have spent some time reviewing your post and if I
understand your issue, it deals with not opening the tailgate and license lamp
failure. My idea deals with the possibility you have one or maybe two ground
wire connections that are faulty. I have attached three items for you to review.
SD928-2 shows you the electrical circuit for the license lamps and the ground,
GR02. SD812-1, the tail gate opener system electrical diagram lets you see
what the opener switch and lamps have in common, GR02. Now take a look
at CL-25 and find picture 149. Recommend you scuff the metal area under
GR02 and GR01 while you are there. Visually inspect the wire and connector
integrity. Might just be a bad common ground connection for the switch and
lamps. Hope this helps.

Good luck,


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