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I bought my wife a new i20 (sparkle blue) for a valentine's day present and when it arrived at the dealers the paint work was covered in highly visible swirls in the paint work (as well as some other scratches). The dealer tried to get the marks removed but actually managed to make them worse. They agreed to replace the car, which arrived last week. I examined the car after it came off the transporter and other that a few light scratches next to the driver's side door handles it was fine (the dealer agreed to remove the scratches). We went to collect the car today only to find that once again it is covered in swirls and other scratches. It is clear that these were caused when the dealer washed the car. The dealer, however, is adamant that the swirls are in the actually paint and are part of the manufacturing process. I asked at a Honda dealership and they agreed the only way marks like that will be put on the car is during the cleaning process. Why would the dealer lie to me even though they've agreed to take the car(s) back and give me a full refund.

Has anyone else had problems with the paint work on brand spanking new Hyundais?


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