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Hey guys.
I’m swapping my 2015 Limited 2.0t from oem HID to a pair of morimoto mled 2.0 retrofitted oem KDM halogen headlights with the led drl.
Already have the units ready to go just need to get my car wiring set up correctly.
Two questions.

1. Does anyone know if I can get my ECU programmed for the factory halogen setting?
2. Does anyone have a wiring diagram showing which wire is for the drl on USDM factory halogen equipped vehicles?
I did a retrofit to the same car with G5-BRT projector and keeping everything factory same ballast, D3S bulb. I don't think so you will need to reprograming the ECU for that but you will need to modify the car side connector to match the new headlight, just for reference I swapped the side mirror to the KDM motorized and everything match the USDM version but different color of wire only need to wire the open/close motor of the side mirror.

Or you can re-wire your factory headlight plug into the KDM version and just plug and play from the new KDM headlight to the car. I have one plug from the headlight if you want to go that way, you'll need just find one more.

Where did you get the KDM version? I might take a look and do the same just for the DRL.
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