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Hello, my name is Matteo and I'm new boy into this forum.

I have Hyundai Tiburon 2004, or called Tuscani GK. My car's engine is only 1600 cc, but I want change my car's engine whit another compatible Hyundai Tiburon engine, but I have some questions.
Do you know if 2.7 or 2.0 cc Hyundai Tiburon engine can be adapt in my car? ( I know that the tiburon's code of 2.0 cc engine is G4GC and it's called beta 2 engine )
Has someone of you made this operation? Can you help me?

I want change my 1.6 cc engine whit or 2.7 cc or 2.0 cc, but I' dont know if this possibile.. :(

Ps: In Italy ( my country ) is 20:18, so I dont know if after I stay here behind my pc :grin: I will respond to your questions when just I have time...

Thanks to everybody friends... :thumbsup:
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