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Ok so I read this topic on a forum on this guy writes in and says that his suspension totally quieted down after having his Sonata loaded down with some bags of cement or something like that plus a couple passengers and going over a bunch of speedbumps, then he goes on to say that he expected the suspension to be noisy again after being unloaded but was surprised to find out that it stayed quiet, well I was skeptical and kind of just wrote it off. That was probably about four months ago, well the other day my car was loaded down with some stuff in the trunk and I ended up going over a bunch of speed bumps and a couple were pretty high and really worked the suspension well long story short my Sonata is much quieter and more pleasant to drive now. Mine wasnt overly noisy over bumps at slow speeds but there was a faint k-thunk that was heard though and now it is gone. Call me crazy but its like a different car! :grin:

This guy that wrote it was me.... :grin: And yep, my Sonata is perfect now. It used to be like a noisy wooden horse before, and i really regretted buying it, but now it's a perfect car. Good to hear others have had the same happen to them.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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