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QUOTE (MS Fowler @ Aug 3 2010, 07:48 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=346950
Just got back from a vacation that involved friends we haven't seen for 38 years !! Lost track of then after my wedding ( he was a groomsman), and recently found them on Face Book.

Drove from Ber Air, MD to Cape Elizabeth ( Portland), ME--lost 2 hours in NYC traffic.

From there, to Salem, MA, and then back home--avoided NYC--used Tappen Zee, but lost 2 + hours on the NJ Turnpile.

Overall mileage for 1675 miles was just a tad over 30 mpg. Mostly highway, but some miles in Boston traffic, and up Mt Washington. Not bad for 70,000 miles. Car is a reliable as any I have owned
Only 30mpg......My '05 Elantra GT has over 87,000 miles. It gets over 36mpg on the interstate. If my Elantra got only 30 mpg, I would have it in the shop!
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