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My wife and I are new to the Hyundai world as we just purchased a Santa Fe Sport 2.0T w/ Tech 5 Pkg. It is a great vehicle and now I am in the market for a company vehicle. I would really like to hear your opinion on what and why you think. I read the thread titled Sonata or Genesis but it seemed like a bunch of bickering rather then talking about the cars true pros and cons.

Here is the situation. In order for the company car finances to work for us I have set a $15-16k price range. Also, since I travel, the goal is to have great fuel efficiency. For this price I have a few Options:

1. 2012 Sonata 2.0T w/ Nav. with ~20k miles. Since we bought the Santa Fe, I love that turbo.

2. 2011 Sonata Hybrid 2.4L w/ Nav. with ~50k miles. The 36-40MPG sounds really appealing for traveling.

3. 2012 Sonata Hybrid 2.4L basic with ~30k miles. Same as above, just less mileage. I know NOTHING about hybrids and dont know if high mileage makes a big difference or not.

4. 2011 Genesis either the V6 or V8 model. I found a couple with Nav option for not much more out of my price range with ~30k miles. My wife loves the way they look and so do I. It speaks for itself classified as a luxury vehicle. However, researching the MPG it averages ~21. Even further breakdown, V6 gets 18-27MPG on regular gas and V8 gets 17-25 with Premium. So does the V8 HAVE to be be filled up with Premium? If it is not, is the mileage worse? Does it ruin the engine faster? Is that about the fuel mileage everyone experiences or is it lower? Any help would be appreciated in my dilemma. What would you do?
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