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I recently bought a pre-owned 2011 Sonata GLS, and it came with all-season tires. However, I will be doing a lot of driving in icy/snowy conditions in the winter, so I need winter tires, preferably studded.

I'd really appreciate help here, since I don't know much about cars:
1. Can I just order a set of studded tires online, as long as they are of appropriate size? Is there anything else besides the size of the wheel that I need to take into account?
2. The current tires obviously have the Hyundai logo in the wheel. If I buy a set online, the wheel is just blank? Or do they actually have factory models specifically for Hyundais?
3. Do I need any specials tools to change the tires? I assume that everything I need can be found in the trunk with the spare tire?

Many thanks for your help!
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