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Hey all, sorry for yet another question, but this may end up being relevant to many others in the future.

I'm looking to purchase a set of wheel spacers for our Santa Fe, but obviously can't find a set that are specifically made for the 2013 Santa Fe Sport, leaving me with a couple of options that require me to find out a couple things. I've searched the web, the forum and the service manual with no luck so far. Maybe someone can chime in.

Need to know:

(1) The wheel stud size (1/2*20, 10*1.25, 12*1.25, 12*1.5, 14*1.5, 14*2, 7/16 or 9/16);

(2) Hub diameter - which I'm assuming is unfortunately 67.1mm, as was the previous generation of Santa Fe; and,

(3) Flush-gap (the distance needed to bring the wheels out to be flush with fender directly top-centre of the wheel well) - I roughly measured 30mm but my hands were shaking like a boss b/c of the cold so that could be way off.

Found a website that will make them custom to your spec: Wheel Adapters, Wheel Spacers, Hub Centric Rings | Motorsport Tech

Unless anyone knows of SUV wheel spaces that have a hub of 67.1mm. All I'm finding is larger - say, 71.5mm, which is Jeeps:
Wheel Spacers
Wheel Spacers

Could order a set for a sedan/other car, was just worried about the extra weight.
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