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This morning, I found the very first thing I don't like about my Tucson.

At a stop light on the way to work, the guy in front of me apparently decided he wanted to be in the other lane, but there was someone where he wanted to be. He threw his car in reverse and started to back up. I was fairly certain he was going to smack my front bumper, so I hit my horn for the very first time since I took ownership.

Wow, that stock horn is sad. It wasn't a "hey, LOOK UP!" sound. It was the most pitiful, underwhelming whine I think I've ever heard come out of a vehicle. I felt like apologizing for it. The only reason I think he stopped was because it sounded like he surprised a goose.

I know I saw a post somewhere on this forum a month or so back about changing out the stock horn, but I don't see it now and it didn't come up in the search. Can someone re-link it? Or has anyone else changed out that sad little stock horn for something that might not make other motorists lose control of their vehicle due to laughter?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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