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Steering Wheel Vibration

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hi all,

i have a Hyundai coupe '99, 2.0L. CAT D.

i have a problem, whenever i go 70mph and 3.5rpm the steering wheel vibrates so violently its a struggle to hold it, at a higher speed or rpm its smooth and lower speed or rpm its smooth.

my old 1.2L use to vibrate alot at bout 80mph because that was its top speed but this hyundai should make almost 125mph.

ive had numerous wheel checks such as balance, tyre pressure, tyre wear, alignment, tracking etc etc, all still with no improvement.

was just seeing if anyone has had similar problem/ knew a fix or what to check.

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You probably need new tires unless your rims are bent.

What make and brand of tyres do you have and how many miles are on them? Did they wear properly?
Well its a series of elimination to find your problem;
With the wheels off the ground (however you can do it with the wheel on the ground its just much harder) shake the wheel side to side and up and down checking for play in your balljoints, tie rods, and bushings and your wheel bearings. a bad vibration at high speeds is usually a worn out balljoint or tierod or bearing. if you have had an alignment recently tho, they shouldve checked for that before hand, unless the jam nut on the outer tie rod wasnt tightened which ive seen also cause a shake, but is very rare lol.
if not that, then id definately check the balance of all 4 wheels and thatll tell you if theres a bent rim, especially if it needs alot of weight to balance it out.
and lastly would be the tires, making sure theres no bad uneven wear spots on the tire or broken belts lol. but the chances of the tires causing the vibration is slim.

following all those steps will definately find your problem, hope you have good luck with it :)
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thanks for reply,

i have had all 4 tyres less than 3 months and only do around 350 miles a month. i dont know the make or brand but my local garage told me they deflate very quickly and so need to be checked and inflated every few weeks.

i will ask them to check the balljoint, tierod and bearing. unfortunately most places ive gone to only do the job i ask them to do eg align the tyres, they never check all the other bits to go with it. so now i know what 3 parts to ask them to check hopefully i will find a result.

thank you very much.
no problem for the advice,

usually tho with an alignment they "should" check those suspension parts for movement/play, cause sumthing like a bad balljoint or tierods etc.. would make it pretty hard to line up a car (properly/professionally)
as for the tires there shouldnt be any reason why they deflate ?!?! are they on steel or aluminum rims? unless they have a puncture they shouldnt deflate, otherwise if they are losing air from around the rim (the bead of the tire) then they should be able to seal that up with proper tire bead seal and/or clean up the inside of the rim. Just FYI

goodluck :)
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You probably need new tires unless your rims are bent.

What make and brand of tyres do you have and how many miles are on them? Did they wear properly?

This just happened to my husband this morning, the wheel had been shaking and a weird noise when we went above 30MPH and then today on his way to work a tire blew. We walked back to the car and put on the spare and now the wheel is fine, so we aired them all up and he went to work then tomorrow we'll have to get a new tire.
ours is a 98 by the way. Luckily even though he drove on it the rims are fine because the rubber didn't leave the rim just shredded so even though he drove on it he was driving on the rubber. :grin:
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