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2005 Accent GT 100k miles.

Just noticed that my steering wheel doesn't lock anymore. ( Pretty sure it used to).
Had a wheel bearing and CV axle rod replaced recently. ( This is when I noticed it)
Any links or advice on a fix?
Is it ok to drive it? ( Car is driven ~ 20 miles a day).
Love my Little car, it has been great to me. Bought it used 6 years ago with 47k on it.
Biggest repair was flex pipe. Just replaced breaks front and back, and accessory drive belts.
Hoping to get 3 or 4 more years out of her.
Thanks for any replies. ( I searched forums and internet, but most/all is about the wheel bring locked.
Mine doesn't lock anymore.
Tried turning wheel all the way right and left. 3 different keys. Even disconnected battery for about an hour.( Turned on lights/ horn to try to totally discharge).
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