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2007 UK Santa Fe ltd

Steering wheel controls are failing intermittently, been like it for a few months, does not seem to be getting worse.

Volume Up/Down works 90% of time, but sometimes volume up makes it go down, few more presses and works OK & tends to continue to work OK

Seek etc & source & most other audio control seems to work fine.

Cruise is probably the most problematic.

95% time does NOT turn ON first time , usually 10 - 20+ short or long presses,
Once On, set, reset & cancel work 100%. (perhaps 99%)

If I turn cruise fully off can then take another 20 presses to turn on again, this is a bit different behaviour to volume etc.

One thing not fully tested but does seem to be the case, If I hold Cruise ON & Set at the same time the main On appears to be much more responsive.

I have an after market JVC stereo , installed many years ago & always been fine but think did install some sort of adaptor to use steering wheel control but such a long time ago can't remember much about it.

I have gone into the above details in case this more varied & intermittent failure could point to something.
Not sure about the clock spring issues, loose wire just seems unlikely.

I will just mention as some time ago battery did drain 100%, I have seen other mention this but think I would have noticed if this had started around that time but sometimes I don't drive that much in this car.

As it works quite well I don't really want to spend much diagnosing but will have a go & things myself, to a point, if I can.
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