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When the last days of my 12 yo van became a fact, the first thing I did was to remove the ScanGaugeII unit I installed a couple of years ago. I then shipped the unit for the X Gauge software upgrade and received back last night.

So earlier this evening I decided to do a bit of a scientific fuel consumption test with a K&N filter that had been waiting upon the ScanGauge's return.

I selected a route that covers some freeway driving and some sub urban driving - 16.0km in total. So I set off with the standard Hyundai air filter that has already done about 10000km.

I reset the Scanguage just before getting on the on-ramp - accelerated WOT up to the 100kpu and kept at the 100kpu speed limit for just over 6 km, turn off at the off-ramp, back over the overpass and accelerated WOT on to the freeway in the opposite direction, same story, untill I got off and followed the 3km road with a bit of suburban driving at 50kpu up to my house, a route that includes 4 traffic lights and 3 all-way stops. It was after 8:00 PM with little traffic but I had to wait at three of the four traffic lights with up to 4 cars ahead of me. At home I logged the data.

So I replaced the Hyundai filter with the new K&N unit and did the same route, same procedure, same driving style. On my way back I caught all the traffic lights green with only one car ahead of me at the all way stops. The lighter traffic should in fact have resulted in less gas used - right?

So here are the results:

Car: 2005 HYUNDAI TUCSON 2.7 FWD with 96000km on the odo

Hyundai K&N

Distance 16.0km 16.0km
Max Speed 102kpu 102kpu
Average speed 64kpu 67kpu *
Fuel used 1.49liter 1.51 liter
Gas Consump 9.3l/100km 9.4l/100km

*Difference in Average speed is to lighter traffic and green traffic lights when the K&N filter was installed

Conclusion. The OEM shaped K&N air filter is not any better on gas consumption than the OEM Hyundai filter - Rather use the money and take your spouse to a movie.

Edit PS Sorry, the forum SW removes the spaces required for the table
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