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Hey all,

It's my first time asking for help here. I drive a 04 Santa Fe GLS with 96,000 miles on it, bought it four months ago. I had the timing belt and serpentine belts changed in the stealership. (And then the CEL came on with misfire code, they told me it were the plugs and charged me another $300+ for the job, which didn't solve the problem. It turned out to be that they didn't change the timing belt tensioner and the weak tensioner was causing the timing belt slipped for two teeth...long story...)

Anyways, the mechanic in the stealership also told me that both of valve cover gaskets are leaking oil and wants $500+ for fixing it. I decided to do it myself and got the front valve cover gasket done first. I thought the rear valve cover gasket was less critical so I haven't done it yet.

A few days ago, I noticed a slight squealing noise from the engine. When the engine is idling, there's no noise. When I rev' up above 1000 RPM, the squealing noise came. It doesn't matter whether I turn the AC on or not. Steering the wheel doesn't change anything. Turning headlights doesn't make a difference either.

Since new serpentine belts are installed a few months ago. I was thinking if the belt just needs to be tighten. But I suddenly realized that since I haven't changed the rear valve cover gasket yet, would oil leak from that dipping on the belt cause the noise?

I checked the Haynes manual it says that I need to release the fuel pressure and drain the coolant in order to take the upper intake manifold off to have access to the rear valve cover gasket?? But I've been searching inside the forum and nobody mentioned that (

Thanks in advance...
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