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Hi all,
My wife's 2016 i20 has a strange problem after coming back from service in April.
It did not have the breaks changed and it didnt say that the breaks or discs had any wear enough to replace.
I couldnt hear it at first so as we were both busy we left it as it was

So 1000 miles went past and I took it into the dealer where she bought the car and has a maintenance package. They charged me for inspecting the car £50 then told me that the disc is worn but the pads are fine. The discs have lip going around them.
They quoted me over £650 to fit new ones I said I will think about it.

I took the car to a friend and he said it could be a number of things, we thought originally it was the breaks but the sound does not come when you break. The squeaking comes when you drive at a low speed or high speed.
It does go quiet when you break though.

So we tried to move the back place away from the disc to see if that would fix it. It did not fix it. But loads of dirty came out of both rear discs.
Also he sprayed some break cleaner and when I drove it, the sound went.

But after leaving his place the sound came back and was very loud and noticeable.

What can it be, and how can I fix it?

Thanks for your help
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