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Hello All,

First time poster here. I've owned my 2011 Elantra since new a couple of years ago and love it as my daily driver. Anyway, I just moved across the country to California and was in Costa Mesa back on July 9th for work. While I was getting ready to jump on the 405 I came across this gem that stuck out like sore thumb.

I've seen plenty of spy shots in my day so I knew whatever I saw wasn't something ordinary. Both the front and rear were covered as you can see in video below. The dash was also covered up pretty well too. I wonder if this is some future hybrid version of the Elantra? I mean it only make sense right? If not, what other model could they possible add to the 4-door that they don't already offer besides a hybrid?

I tried to submit this tip to autoblog, but after a couple of weeks with no response, I figured I'd just post this here directly.

Sorry for the shakiness, it's hard to record and focus on the road :D

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