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I bought my Hyundai 1.5L GL Accent crdi-vgt last July 23, 2010. When I drove it home I noticed the speedometer is not functioning. I brought it back the following day. The mechanics sprayed contact cleaner on the connectors. Today August 8, 2010 it's not again functioning. This device is critical because it monitors the distance traveled for proper "breaking-in" of the engine. I am asking your opinion if you have encountered the same problem and how you solved it. Thank you very much.
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So, the speedometer isn't working, or the odometer isn't working? Speedometer measures your speed, the odometer would be what you use to "monitor the distance traveled for proper "breaking-in" of the engine"

It sounds like to me a loose connection, since after they sprayed contact cleaner on it it worked for a bit.

Really though, you should just take it in again and see what they say.
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