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What type of subwoofer did you choose to use? Did you have to run speaker wires from rear doors or was there a wire harness near the subwoofer location?
I first used a JL Audio 8W3v3 in the rear deck. This buzzed the car pretty badly, and I didn't like the sound. I still have that speaker in place, but I added quick change wiring with bananna plugs, and now I'm using a JL Audio 12" Power Wedge in the trunk. It's ported and sounds really good. The box is pretty big, and sometimes I take it out to save weight or when extra space is needed. The 8" gets used then, I just have to turn the bass down on the sub. I run a JL Audio M600/6 Amp with channels 5 & 6 bridged for 200 watts to either of the the 4 ohm subs. I wired a remote sub volume control to the dash, it makes the subs bass very easy to get just right. The 3.5" dash speakers are the weak point of the system. Currently I have the tweeters from the front door components located there. It makes things sound a little off, timing wise. There is just too much space between them and those 6.5's. I plan to put the tweeters in the "sail plates" and put the best 3.5 "full range" speakers I can find in the dash. 3.5's can't really be full range, but they should sound better than the high efficiency tweeters there now. I'm kind-of tired of working on car audio right now, this was my second car I upgraded this year. I'll probably get to it around the holidays when I have some time off. About the wiring... I ran four speaker level inputs to an Audio Control LC8, and it feeds the 6-channel amp, which powers each of the speakers.
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