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Hello again all,

Since having my timing belt/water pump replaced, immediately after, I felt a very noticeable vibration (no real noise, just a vibration). Very annoying.

I thought maybe the timing was off, but was hoping it wasn't related to the timing belt.

Today I went to inspect, and I noticed on the passenger side motor mount, the side that connects to the engine by 3 bolts, had a bolt that was just sitting there, not screwed in whatsoever. When I tried to screw it in, I realized why; it doesn't go in as the two pieces are not aligned properly.

Could this be the cause of my vibration?

What's the best way to align the two pieces so I can slip the bolt and screw it in?? Off the top of my head I'm thinking use a crow bar and try to push/force it a bit towards the engine.

Was going to post two photos I took, but apparently I must be registered 7 days to post links, and on my actual account I'm not even able to post period, not sure why. So frustrating.

Message me for photos.

Again, it's the right side of the motor mount to connects to the engine, there is a bolt on the top, the left, and the bottom, like a sideways triangle.. the bolt on the top is the one not going in, there is a bigger gap on the top side than the bottom.. could this be what's causing the vibration and how do I align it to bolt in??
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