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Noticed that my stock Hankooks sucked in the rain too, since moving to the Yokohama Envigor it's like a totally different car in rain and dry roads. But yeah I got the same issue with rain, will have to look at one of those coating products.

Souks: How have you liked your Yokohama Envigor so far? I was thinking about those as well since I can get them for a discount price.
Car will get out of dealer with tints, I should receive my HIDs by Friday, so I will install them during the weekend.
I was thinking of replacing the tires during the weekend as well. I don't trust the car/tires during rain/wet conditions (yet).
Next mod, strut bar and eventually Led fogs, and Turn-lights LED modification.

I would love to replace speakers, add an amp and a hidden sub, but I have not seen any threads about any modifications to radio yet.
So I will wait a little bit until someone irons this out.
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