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if the 2.4 GDI engine is all aluminum, INSIST that the dealer replace the radiator, thermostat, complete coolant flush AND most importantly the head gaskets.

I learned this well from my Acura Legends--- if an aluminum block is allowed to overheat more than seconds, the head gaskets are fubared....

You can demand, you can beg and scream, the dealer will not succumb to your demands. If its not broke, they aren't fixing it, should something break, then they will fix it, the car has a thousand or two thousand miles on a 100k warranty for 10 years. Do you really think they are going to break down and rebuild the whole engine? NO.

Pull the fuse that blew and see if it goes into the hot. Is this an aluminum block? Again, my V6 Sonata the temp gauge even with the fan off, the temp stays the same driving or idling.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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