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Sonata complaining vehicle is not in Park, randomly

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1st post, go easy on me... :)

We have a 2012 Hyundai Sonata 2.4L Auto with approx 90K miles with a strange intermittent issue.

When we reach our destination whether it be home, work or a store etc and put the vehicle in Park, the car does not seem to recognize it. It beeps as though it is not in Park and asks to put it in Park. We repeatedly have to move it out of Park and back in Park and sometimes jiggling the shifter will fix it. Sometimes it will happen all the time, other times - it will happen

The dealer said that they could diagnose but would charge us a fee even it they could not replicate this issue.

I found that there was a recall that included 2012 Sonata's with an issue with some shift sensor(?) , but dealer says that there are no open recalls!

Any advice appreciated! Thanks!
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Replace shifter..

The recall was to install a "C" clip to the shifter pin to keep shift cable from pop off ( only seen 2 myselfin the 8yr this chassis been on road)...

Your concern lies with the shifter inner workings via trigger that when put in Park, the rod has a pin the actuates a micro switch to tell car we want to shut down.. Might try to "palm slap" the shift knob down firmly to make sure it seated on the tube

Shifter assembly retail about $180,, we usually have 1 on shelf at all time,, I think the last run I had was maybe 2 in a month, been a while
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